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The Legiron company offers measuring equipment from the world's leading manufacturers.

Coordinate measuring

Measuring Arm


2D Vision system
3D Vision system


Roundness testers

tools and
spare parts

Probe heads
Probes and styli

Our services

Services we’re providing to our customers

Legiron provides a full range of services related to equipment supplied, including selection, installation, training and maintenance.

Equipment selection

Equipment selection

Selection of equipment based on the measuring tasks.



Equipment briefing and training.



Equipment maintenance and repair.

The equipment for

High Quality

About company

Information about company Legiron

Legiron is a supplier of measuring equipment and tools for industrial enterprises. Cooperation with the world's leading manufacturers and the high level of competence of our specialists allows us to select equipment for any metrological tasks.

The presence of a service department allows us to provide a full range of services and technical support. The pricing policy is based on the availability of equipment for industrial enterprises of Kazakhstan.

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What are we striving for

Mission and purpose of the company

Provide manufacturers to modern metrological equipment for increase their profitability and competitiveness.

  • Efficiency

    Get the best value for money offer.

  • Professionality

    High level of our competencies to solve the assigned tasks.

Our benefits

In our work we strive to provide the following benefits to our customers:

  • Wide range of equipment

  • Favorable prices

  • High quality equipment

  • High level of service and support

  • Short supply times

How we are working

Steps of work

Thanks to the phased execution of work, a complete and comprehensive solution of the tasks at each stage is ensured, which makes it possible to successfully implement the entire project as a whole.

  • Formalization
    of tasks

    Definition of tasks
    based on primary data.

  • Equipment

    Reviewing tasks and
    submitting a proposal.

  • Conclusion
    of a contract

    Preparation, negotiation and
    signing of the contract.

  • Supply
    of equipment

    Delivery, commissioning
    of equipment and training.

  • Maintenance
    of equipment

    Warranty and
    out-of-warranty service.


Our partners

Our customers

Industries using
the equipment

  • Mining

  • Oil / Petroleum

  • Electrotechnical

  • Railway

  • Automotive

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